Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Build shower nozzle massage jets for the showers

We offer a DIY kit to build massage jets showerjets in and for your shower 

Showerjet D53K12

Shower jet D53K12  as two-side - throughflow version (two inlets) or D53K11 as on-side or endversion (one inlet)

  • 9-steam massage jet.
  • install drilling 35 mm
  • for hose diameter 10 mm 

We offer the fitting manifold water distributor with  4 exits or 6 exits

An the fitting hose in 10 mm (9,5 x 2,0 mm)

Or everything together in a kit with price advantage.

DIY kit with 4 shower massage jets D53K

DIY kit with 6 shower massage jets D53K

1 - Shower jet view from back (1-side open and 1-side closed)
2 - PVC hose 9,5 x 2,0 mm 
3 - 6-exit shower manifold distributor for shower jets 
4 - PVC fitting 1/2 inch outside thread  
5 - Clip for hose ø 12-14 mm to secure the hose

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