Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

DIY Ideas - build you own jetted bath tub Whirlpool

To install jets into a bathtub got get a Whirlpool bathtub is easy.

Hydromassage bathtub Whirlpool:

You need a fitting, to take the water out from the tub: the suction.

This has to be connected by a hose with the inlet of the pump - the motor which speed up th water.
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From the pump outlet (it is a tee for both sides of the tub) you have to connect the water supply of the whirlpooljet ( it is a 32 mm hose)

These connections has to be glued with special PVC glue.

The air supply for the massage jet is connected with a 10 mm hose. The hose is fixed with clip

Question: Why do I need to connect air?  If the water streams out of the jet, air is with the steam because of the Bernoulli's effect. ( More info at WIKIPEDIA about this effect)

With the air regulator you can adjust the massage effect by opening an closing the air supply.

To start and stop the pump you can use the air button connected with the air button hose.
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